Classroom rules

In class there will be 3 main rules that will need to be followed in order for the class to run smoothly and allow everyone the education that they are entitled to.

One Voice

  • If the teacher is talking, stop and listen.
  • If another student is talking, stop and listen.
  • If you want a turn, raise your hand. DON’T call out and talk over others.
  • Exceptions: If we’re doing group work, keep your voices at a comfortable level (NO YELLING!!!) and conversations on topic.

Remain seated

  • Your allocated work space is where you should remain all lesson.
  • During practicals this means you stay at your work space and don’t interfere with others
  • Don’t get out of your seat unless permission has been given
  • Exceptions: If we’re outside for the lesson, stay with the group

No Food in class

  • Speaks for itself, but finish your food before you get to class. We all have 3 breaks in a day which should be more than enough time to eat.

No Mobile Phones

  • If you bring it out in class and it will get locked away till end of lesson and given back to you. NO WARNINGS. If you resist handing it over, we’ll skip lock up and go straight to front office.
  • If you do it 2 times in the week, it will get sent to front office.
  • If you do it 3 times in the week, I’ll call home and discuss further with you during your break time.
  • Exceptions: If we are doing something interesting in class/the phone will be useful for the lesson, your teacher may ask you to get your phone out. As long as you stay on task with them, no problem. Do the wrong thing, refer to previous rules.

Consequences for breaking the 3 rules

To make it simple there will be a 3 step process to follow if you break a rule:

  1. Verbal warning (except for phones)
  2. Time after class
  3. Removal to senior class and risk entry. (You will still have to come back after class also).

If you need to be removed 2 times in the same week, you will get a call home to follow up.

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