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Abiotic vs Biotic Food chains & Webs
Micro-organisms TGTBTUHuman Impact & Technology
Plants & AdaptationsLocal Aboriginal Knowledge

Work packages for absent students

During lock down in 2020 much work was put into converting distance education work provided from the NSW Department of Education into a neat printer friendly document. All the content was posted into Google classroom and is intended to be accessible by students without a Teacher.

If you are absent during this topic, make sure to utilise this resource to stay on top of your class work.

Australian Environment Part 1: Scientists and Scientific skills, Looking at the Environment, Describing ecosystems, How Ecologists observe ecosystems, Measuring Temperature and rainfall

Australian Environment Part 2: Living things in your environment, Who Eats What?, Decomposers & Detritivors, Food Chains, Food Webs

Australian Environment Part 3: Different types of Animals, Different kinds of Adaptations, Plant Adaptations

Australian Environment Part 4: Events affecting Australian Ecosystems, Bushfire, Flood, Drought.

Topic Revision

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Revision of Australian Environment