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Coogle is a dynamic multimedia mind map. Students can work individually or as a group to add steps and links to useful resources.

Access: Website driven, BYOD friendly, YouTube videos used

Cost: Free to use for Public mind maps, 3 Free personal mind maps, ability to download and save to keep free space without upgrading. Cheapest plan is…

Suitable for: Students and teachers

Mind mapping is a great planning tool which can help to generate ideas which Coogle does really well.

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Research has shown that mind maps can “help impart critical and analytical skills to students” (Davies, 2011) and be used as an assessment tool to see relationships between concepts. Students can map out different steps in the process collaboratively or use them as a personal guide to what they’re subjects. Using pictures and structures pathways can lead to a clearer understanding of complex topics (Davies, 2011) eg. demonstrating biological or chemical processes.


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