eSaftey Commissioner

Apply digital information security practices

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The Government run eSaftey Commissioner website provides tools to teach students how to protect themselves online and report Cyber bullying.

Access: Website driven, BYOD friendly, YouTube videos used

Cost: Free to use

Suitable for: All high school students

Students need to be taught how to stay safe in an online environment, this includes not sharing any personal details without a parent or teachers consent.

The eSaftey commissioner’s job is to make sure that all students under 18yrs old has access to adequate support during ongoing cyberbullying attacks and threats. It’s other roll is in prevention of such problems happening in the first place. In a study of over 10,000 Children in Europe 19% mentioned cyberbullying as a major concern to themselves (Livingstone, 2014), this alarming statistic highlights just how important this education is. The content would be best targeted towards a younger audience to ensure they learn good practices early.


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