ESC407 Portfolio of Digital Resources

The following ICT resources listed are intended to help High School Teachers with a focus on Science. The 5 sections below have been sourced from the Australian Curriculum ICT Capabilities website, each have a few resources to choose from and navigation is made easy with the tools at the bottom of each page.

Applying social and ethical protocols when using ICT
– Recognise Intellectual Property
– Apply Digital information security practices
– Apply Person Security Protocols
– Identify the impacts of ICT in Society

Investigating with ICT
– Define and plan information searches
– Locate, generate and access data and information
– Select and evaluate data and information

Communicating with ICT
– Collaborate, share and exchange
– Understand computer mediated communications

Creating with ICT
– Generate ideas, plans and processes
– Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks

Managing and operating ICT
– Select and use hardware and software
– Understand ICT systems
– Manage digital data

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