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Google Drive allows students to store all their data from countless Google apps in the one space and share access of files

Access: Website driven, BYOD friendly, Mobile app available

Cost: Free to use up to 15GB storage

Suitable for: All high school students and faculty

Google Drive is a reliable cloud storage tool which comes with all gmail accounts and integrates into Google Classroom or Edmodo seamlessly to remove focus from the technology and save time.

Cloud Computing software such as Google Drive help students and teachers with the interchanging and collaboration on documents and class work (Gronlund & Andersson, 2014). There are other alternatives but I would argue that the accompanying software of Docs, Sheets and Gmail make it the most versatile for students and small business, preparing them for a world of connectedness and easy access files. Students should still be encouraged to keep a backup of important files as with any digital storage

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