Google Search Education

Define and plan information searches

Google Search Education helps students and teachers learn how to use search tools more effectively to aid critical thinking

Access: Website driven, BYOD friendly, YouTube videos used

Cost: Free to use

Suitable for: Students and teachers

This resource promotes students to think more critically about their search engine questions to get the most accurate information possible. The daily search challenges give teachers useful resources for the classroom to motivate students to look more into a topic.

Learning how to identify keywords in search engines generates better results (Croft, 2015, p24). Students empowered with this knowledge should be better able to find what they are looking for. There is also bias in Google’s search engine which may determine your results depending on where you live, eg. “Hospital” will search your location and which one is closest by. Being aware of how Google search works is vital for those who use it if they want to improve their digital literacy.

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