Introduction to Science

Welcome Year 7 to High School and all it has to offer. Many of our lessons will be stored here online so you can refer back to them whenever you need or if you’re away from class. So without any further prologue, pay attention and listen to Mr Danic…

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Take some time to brainstorm in class what you think Science is, then get your books out and write it down for later.

What is Science?

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What is it used for?

We use Science everyday of our lives without even noticing. Take a moment to write down your journey from bed to school and what tools made it possible to arrive here.

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You should be able to come up with a rather long list of things that helped you to get to school or other tools you needed to get ready. Try to compare this list with someone else. Do you have things in common with their list?

Branches of Science

So far we’ve only been discussing the local Science that we use in our day to day lives. There is however whole branches of Science that are dedicated towards learning a lot about very specific things.

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Draw the above tree and write down the definitions from the board

I’ve got Lab Rules, I count them

Note: Not all of the above lab rules apply to Year 7 Science but all are correct, especially NO FOOD!!!

Take some further classroom time to brainstorm and think of what other rules you might need to follow in the classroom (don’t worry this is the last of the brainstorming for today!!!).

Let’s tear down the room!

Ok, we’ve done a lot of thinking so far this lesson and I’m sure many of you are itching to get out of your seats.
SO! Get up, pick a bench, bring your book and see what is in the cupboards underneath. Your task is to draw and label all the tools you can find. There is some glassware shown below as we don’t keep them under the benches.

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Bonus point if you can name them.

Note: There are NO BONUS points if you –

  • can draw better then Mr Danic, seriously! He thinks that’s what a beaker looks like?!?
  • break anything (please be gentle as most of the equipment is old but still has plenty of use left)
  • actually tear the room down. I don’t like detention but Mr Danic will make you stay back to clean the room.
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What, you’re still here?? Where’s that bell!

Well I guess we’ve reached the end and I failed to measure the time… perhaps we can measure some other things in the classroom. Let’s start with tallest to shortest and you can come up with the rest as you go.

We can easily measure things without tools however these results are only quantitative and cannot be shared with another classroom to actually mean anything. Instead we use some of the following terms below.

Meter (m)Kilogram (kg)
Second (s)Temperature (°C)
Kilojoules (Kj)Speed (km/hr)
The above units are all in Metric meaning they use a Base 10 system. Americans still use Imperial, i.e. Feet, Fahrenheit and Calories… to a Scientist these units are not cool.

Crash course is now complete
Next week we’ll be making fire!
Behave and good luck

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