Microsoft for Parents

Select and use hardware and software

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Microsoft offers a useful guide to parents who are buying student devices

Access: Website driven, BYOD friendly

Cost: Free to use

Suitable for: Parents and Teachers

Microsoft still being a leader in software and upcoming hardware design created this resource to help parents when it comes to technology specifications.

Technology can be a great tool for education and many students don’t know of a world without it (Swan Christian Collage, 2012, p.4). As a parent though it can be a hard decision to buy one that suits both today’s needs and into the future. Young students are still learning responsibility and may break something or it could last so long that it under performs compared to other students but it still retains value. This guide aids parents to buy something that is near future proof and also suitable for the classroom. The advantage of Microsoft is that there is more than 1 hardware manufacture lowering costs for consumers.


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