Our Solar System

Our view of the solar system has changed over the millennia (1000’s of years) we’ve had to look up to the stars at night and question how it all works. Click on this link if you want to take a quick tutorial of the Solar System

Your task today is to look back through time and see what models for the Solar System have been suggested and which model we use now. There are 3 main models you’ll be required to look into, however, if you find another weird one, include it if you can find out who made it and how they thought it worked.

The 3 Scientists and their models are below (Make a new document or slides to do this task):

  • Aristotle and his Geocentric Model (Earth Centred)
  • Nicolaus Copernicus and his Heliocentric Model (Sun Centred)
  • Galileo Galilei and his improvements on the Heliocentric Model

You need to find out the following (you can copy them into your document or slides):

  • Scientists Name
  • Born/died
  • Where did they live
  • Something interesting about them
  • How did they think the solar system worked? Why?
  • How long did their model last before it was updated?

Lastly, make sure you discuss the difference between Geocentric and Heliocentric.

Be sure to include plenty of pictures and make the presentation interesting. This is an individual task, however, you can share links with each other if you find some good research, just make sure the presentation is your own. Good luck!

HELP! I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! It’s ok, click on this link to see an example of the task, don’t copy it though!

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