Year 10 Jurassic Job’s

Hello and welcome to this incredible opportunity to work for Jurassic Jobs. Below you will see that we have several jobs on offer depending on your preference and choice of work, however, we require that all of our staff have a working level of knowledge about how the tectonic plates work. This is what diverges Jurassic Jobs away from our competitors and converges us together as a team.

Rock scanner – Wollongong – Entry level, Part time role
– Scan rocks from all around Australia in one of our high tech regional labs
– Pay is $28/hr with up to 20hrs per week

Rock collector – NSW Coast – Entry level, Full time role
– Collect rocks from various locations along the Great Dividing range
– Pay is $20/hr + Company car, 40hrs per week + Overtime 1.5 Loading

Land consultant – Nowra – Entry level, Casual role
– Looking for the smallest amount of travel time and affordable housing on the south coast? We need someone to contact land owners for permission to access their land
– Pay is $20/hr + $100 commission per property access (~3-4 Approvals per week), Hours will vary, however, it typically takes a 5hr day to organise one clients paperwork.

Call centre operator – From home – Entry level, Contractor
– We believe in the future of working from home and using the internet to stay in touch.
– Pay is $6/call between 9-5pm. You can expect 2-4 calls on average per hour, however, can get call spikes up to 10/hr. Calls can also range from 2min – 15min.

What you need to know to get the jobs

  • What happens at a convergent boundary? Why might you find a wide variety of rocks here?
  • Why is it harder to get rocks from a divergent boundary?
  • Is continental crust more or less dense than oceanic rust?
  • Explain how convection currents work.
  • Why did you pick the role? How much money could you expect to make in a year using some of the averages above.

We wish you all best of luck for your interviews. If you need a copy of a CV to make a template use attached copy here.