Year 7 Energy Topic Vocabulary

Below is a list of all the key words used during this topic, once you double check the word you don’t understand, hit the back button to return to the previous page.

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Energyability to cause changes in matter
Law of conservation of energylaw that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed
Potential energyenergy that is due to the position or condition of an object
Kinetic energyenergy of motion
Thermal energykinetic energy of the moving particles of a substance
Heatmovement or transfer of thermal energy
Convectiontransfer of thermal energy through fluids or gas
Radiationtransfer of thermal energy as waves
Conductiontransfer of thermal energy by touch
Transferenergy type stays the same. E.g. flame heat to boil water
Transformationsenergy type is changed into another form. E.g. chemical to kinetic
Efficiencythe measure of how much useful energy is transferred or transformed from one state to another.
Vacuumthe absence or lack of air
Batterya chemical storage of potential energy
Resistorslows down the flow of electrons in a circuit
Magnetsubstance in which all the domains are aligned in the same direction
Electricityinteraction of electric charges
Electric energymovement of electric charge from one place to another
Circuitconnection between the poles of an electrical energy source
Conductora material that allows electrons to flow
Insulator a material that restricts the flow of electrons
Electromagnetmagnet that can be turned on and off at will
Chemical energyform of potential energy stored in reactants
Nuclear energyenergy contained in the bonds that hold the protons and neutrons of an atom’s nucleus together
Fissionprocess of a nucleus breaking into two parts

Year 7 Energy Topic