ESC407 Week4 QR Codes in the classroom Pt 1 of 2

To become literate in any context takes time, practice and experience and not all tasks have transferable learning. Mensing’s use of RFID codes at first seemed wonderful to me as she had a really good sales pitch, but after reading the comments section and noticing some people listing it as a gimmick it got me thinking. To use it as a quick way to access a digital resource is a great idea, but using it as a reward system also could add to the technology becoming a distraction. Teachers saying, “great job Ted” would surely be more effective then asking them to get their phone out, walk to the front of the room and scan something.

We need continue to find effective ways to add to learning and not just more things to interact with.

3 thoughts on “ESC407 Week4 QR Codes in the classroom Pt 1 of 2

  1. Hi Matt, I think I agree that QR codes seem to be more of a gimmick than a useful tool for education. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a bit special but they’ve always been more effort to scan the simply googling for content or typing in an email address. There does seem to be some level of mystique that arises from the unknown function of each QR code. But I think that in itself is probably more detracting than beneficial, as it bypasses the need for students to develop practical information gathering skills.
    Do you think it could act as an efficient method for directing students to content (such as it sometimes is in textbooks) or do you see it as more of a runaround?


    1. Hey, using it in a textbook could be a good use to bring it more into a digital context if it has an accompanying video. I think you’re correct about googling being quicker in most contexts though as if you’re using a laptop which doesn’t have a rear facing camera you need to get your phone out, launch the app, update the app…, then scan to take you to the website. Also outside of school, students may never use them again besides as a gimmick.

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