ESC407 Week 10 Tech Collaboration in Class

After reading through all the modules and finally getting to the last blog post it feels like I’m about to fight the final boss, Collaboration with Technology. The room all of a sudden goes quiet, all except for the whirring off my computers fans and the clicking of the keys. I feel all alone, until I finally realise that I’ve got access to the internet and I’m currently studying how to become a teacher via an online uni course which I can collaborate and work with a whole network of other students and the lecturers.

We can discuss via the forum or class wiki page as acquaintances or we can reach out to each other via social media and talk online via text, call or video. Our assignments also allow us to collaborate with past students and use some of their good ideas to build on. Imagine if all schools allow these interactions to take place whilst also taking advantage of being in the same room together? That would be an interesting classroom which I think a lot of students would like to engage with.

2 thoughts on “ESC407 Week 10 Tech Collaboration in Class

  1. I like that video. I’ve seen a few things on “gamification” of different things to increase engagement – it’s certainly worth looking into!
    What do you think about the suggestion that there’s a difference between cooperation and collaboration?


  2. Yeah, it kinda relies on the previous week on digital natives being wired differently because of gaming and fast TV, it’s what they’re interested in and learning how to make them is like a 2nd language.
    I think that in order to collaborate you need to cooperate. Collaboration is different because the ideas are worked on together and everyone can share input where as cooperation relies on top down communication e.g. designer tells coder what to do and they have to follow.


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