What is an element?

All elements are determined by the number of Protons in their Nucleus. The simple addition or removal of a simple proton can have dramatic differences with an elements physical characteristics and how it bonds to itself and other elements. The number of Neutrons has (little to) no effect on the element besides it’s mass.

Beryllium (Be) the element!

As you may have observed on the periodic table there are 118 elements which we have already discovered physically or theoretically. It’s now your job to be one of them and research what interesting properties your element has. You will be assigned an element by your teacher.

You must answer the following questions about your element:

  • Atomic number and weight, Name and Symbol
  • Where is it found? E.g. Air, underground, water
  • What other elements is it usually found with?
  • How is it separated from these other elements?
  • What is it commonly used for?
  • Is it rare or abundant?
  • Is it toxic to humans? And in what way is it toxic?
  • 2 Fun/Interesting facts.

This task will be done in class and requires you to do some research on laptops or phones where much of the information can be found.

You are required to do a 1-2 min presentation about your element in front of the class to answer some of the questions listed above. If you wish to work in pairs you need to present 2 elements. This will be presented on 28th of Nov 2019.

When presenting, treat others as you would like to be treated. There is no formal marking, however this does not mean that your effort will not be commented on in the reports.

If you have any questions ask your teacher, or comment below. Good luck

Bonus riddles

Using your periodic table, decode the following messages

  • Fluorine Iodine Rhenium, Iodine Sulfur, Fluorine Uranium Nitrogen!

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