Year 7 Forces

Year 7 Forces video presentation


Download “Video Maker”, a free video editing application for Android and Apple onto your phone. If you know an alternative video editing application (Snapchat, Vine, Messenger) they are suitable as long as you can export the video file.

In small groups you must record a 15-30second video clip describing a chosen force and upload it to the Google presentation for a class guide. An example video is present on the GP to get you started and any necessary forces resources will be present in the classroom.

To access the GP, log onto Google Classroom to get the full lesson preview and access to the Google presentation. Class code is: miqnyb
Alternatively, jump straight to the GP by clicking here

Learning Area and Stage:                Stage 4 Science, SC4-10PW
Content Area:                                      Physical world, Forces

PW1 – Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object. (ACSSU117)

Lesson Learning Outcome: Students will identify, demonstrate and record all forces covered over the topic to present to class.
Content Pedagogy Technology Pedagogical Content Knowledge Pedagogical Technological Knowledge Content Technological Knowledge
Students  knowledge of forces demoed and shared Group work to tell a story on the chosen force via student created video. Connectivism through a shared resource Students to record the demo on their phones and share video on GP to add detail and present Students working in groups to prepare forces content in bite sized video examples Through utilisation of video and GP students are able to create quality content for each other to utilise when needed Students GP allows them to reflect on the topic post lesson and utilises phones productively to promote usefulness
Ethical Considerations: Students may accidentally record each other, care must be taken not to publicly share content and remain on GP. Keeping some students on task may be difficult, promotion of team effort may motivate students.

ESC413 Assignment 2
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