ESC407 Week2 21st Century skills and digital literacy pt 2 of 4

The videos used in this example show insight into the strong contrasts of using maybe too much technology in the classroom or removing it entirely, is there a happy middle? The example in Singapore shows great communicative aspects of the technology and I think at the size that some of their classrooms are, technology would be a really powerful asset to allow self learning in the school environment and allowing students to help each other. I think the Western movement away from technology all together is potentially dangerous with the movement of digital sources because they will have limited to no awareness of what the world has in store for them.

I understand that many of the people that work in silicone valley today would have the view that, well I didn’t use it to get to where I am and look how well it worked for me mentality, but I’m sure that if they had the choice at the time it would’ve been a no brainier. Technology needs to stop being seen as a fad or distraction though and a push towards it being a tool instead to access all of human knowledge.

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