ESC407 Week2 Digital Literacy Pt 3 of 4

The TedX talks really turned on a few light bulbs for me but also made me question the importance of some digital literacies  in the context of learning. I found that the Belshaw’s video taught me a lot about muliliteracies which was really good for the assignments and Holland’s talk promoted the framework which we should all follow when exploring new technology. This powerful mix of videos really highlights that we’re part of an age of exploration online and we need to be preparing students for ‘the unknown’ and not the ‘right now’.

As a whole I understand more now about Digital Literacy and that it’s a learned skill that some people do not think critically enough about some times, people just assume that access to technology means that your literate with technology also. We need our students to be able to critically analyse and question to be digitally literate for today and the future.

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