ESC407 Week 3 Hardware in Classrooms Pt 1 of 3

Digital Microscopes

I chose this hardware as being a future science teacher, I’m sure it will be very interesting to find innovative ways to use it. The differences between digital and traditional microscopy are very minor in regards to the optical equipment used. What is the real game changer is the ability to capture the image or stream it as a live video. This technology in practice would allow students to blog their findings and also try to manipulate the lighting digitally to see if they can uncover anything special about their sample which would be hard to explain with just the eye piece to look through. It also allows less able bodied students to experience the sample without knocking the scope.

After also doing a quick google search, the cost of digital microscopes range from $20-$80 for something lower to mid-tier which would suit the budget of most classrooms and could encourage students to try one at home if they wish to study further.

One thought on “ESC407 Week 3 Hardware in Classrooms Pt 1 of 3

  1. Hi Mat,

    I hope all is well.

    As a pending science teacher myself and someone who enjoyed videoing the various insects and parasites I looked at in my undergrad, I can’t believe I hadn’t considered the option of a digital microscope for this question! Further, your consideration for students less-abled to still be able to participate in the class given the capabilities of a digital microscope is something I hadn’t considered before despite the obvious advantage.



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