ESC407 Week 2 Digital Native or Immigrant? Pt 4 of 4

I would like to believe that I’m a digital native, I use to always have the latest technology, built my own computer, bought a 3D Printer and self taught countless programs, but this was all 2 years ago and in technology terms, everything is outdated now… After starting this course I’ve now learnt what it means to truly be a digital native, it has very little to do with the performance of machines any more and instead a large shift to communication software so it made me realise that maybe I am an Immigrant.

This realisation that I’m not up to speed with some trends online can be a daunting task to keep up with. For example, this is my first blog site with more than 3 entries, I’ve posted maybe 5 times in the last year to social media on Facebook and I typically only read forums and never add to them in fear that I may not be correct… This has been very easy for me to turn around though and I think it’s because I’ve learnt these skills before I stopped and the literacies I had learnt in the past were not forgotten, the only thing that has changed is the pace of the online world. We need to understand that students now have only known a world with the internet and make sure that we enhance their skills to be able to communicate no matter what the platform is.

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