ESC407 Week 5 Technology Integration Pt 2 of 2

There are several issues I can see with technology integration once we get past the supply issue including, function and purpose. “Technology used for teaching and learning should be considered an integral part of instruction and not as an object exclusive to itself.” (Okojie, Olinzock, & Okojie-Boulder, 2006) This I see as being the biggest issue with technology is that many fail to see it as a tool and they idolise it as if learning cannot happen without it. By using Technology Integration Planning (TIP) students and parents can understand it’s place and work together with teachers to make sure students are learning the necessary skills.

Okojie, M. C., Olinzock, A. A., & Okojie-Boulder, T. C. (2006). The pedagogy of technology integration.
Soujah, S. (2014). Technology Integration in Schools Is We Overinvested and Underprepared?. International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 4(5), 444-447.

3 thoughts on “ESC407 Week 5 Technology Integration Pt 2 of 2

  1. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and suggest that maybe we need to see technology as essential for learning? Technology is only going to increase and yet we persist with making young students practise their handwriting and spelling – not to mention rote learning facts to get good test scores. How relevant will these be in 15 years when these kids are establishing themselves in a completely digitised work environment?


  2. Maybe we still teach these basic methods because the rest of humanity hasn’t caught up or just isn’t ready for it?
    If a good teacher knows that the current way they teach is getting students to think critically and stay curious then they are performing well in my opinion.
    I think digital technology use will definitely change over the course of our time teaching, but if it happens too quickly, the existing work force of teachers could resist the change and we’d be even worse off. Would you agree that this could maybe be influencing our current system?


  3. I think the point that Jonodav is making is that technology itself is a subject and skillset in it’s own right, and an essential one. However, if the technology integration is superficial, and not authentic to genuine use, then it is of little worth. So I’m with Matdanic on this, technology integration is only worth it when it adds value and depth to the lesson and content.

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