ESC407 Week 6 Web 2.0 Pt 1 of 2

There are a few smaller resources that I would use (Resources Portfolio) but I think the main ones are still going to be YouTube, Blogs and Class Wiki pages.

YouTube will allow them access to a large pool of knowledge on a topic if they need to learn more visually that I can offer in the classroom.
***Bonus fact*** if they already use YouTube to watch non education videos, by watching them on their own devices it will start to suggest more videos to them which could shift their behaviour to learn more.

Blogs can encourage homework to seem less of a chore and more of a responsibility that they want to partake in. This along with have to design their own website is a great way for critical thought to take place

Class wiki pages allow me to store links for students and a quick reference “cheat sheet” for all my own notes to use in the classroom. Students could then use the information in their blogs or link to YouTube and other sources.

“…higher order thinking skills need to be encouraged and supported in any attempt to use Web 2.0 for learning in formal education.” (Luckin et al 2009) I would hope that my ideas linked up with curriculum documents can make this possible to achieve.

Luckin, R., Clark, W., Logan, K., Graber, R., Oliver, M. and Mee, A. (2009), “Do Web 2.0 tools eally open the door to learning: practices, perceptions and profiles of 11-16 year old learners”, Learning, Media and Technology, Vol. 34 No. 2.

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