ESC407 Week 9 TPACK Pt 1 of 2

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is at the heart of all teaching principals and works irrelevantly of the technology of choice. I like that it understands that there is teaching outside of technology use and that there are some areas of teaching which may fail to cover all 3 aspects at once. As this is still my first session of my teaching degree I think I would still be sitting comfortably in the TCK section as I know my content and understand the different levels of technology. Learning the Pedagogy is why I’m here now working on this blog.

I would hope that the professional development days next session help to pull me out of TCK into the “Total PACKage”

TPACK diagram

4 thoughts on “ESC407 Week 9 TPACK Pt 1 of 2

  1. Matdanic, I feel exactly the same way. Except that I’m now feeling like I have a ‘head full’ of pedagogical knowledge, and none in practice. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it all plays out in practice. I’m sure that there are many aspects of integrating technology that will need to be learnt on the job; ideas that sound great in theory but don’t quite cut it in the classroom.

    The other challenge is that teachers have to apply this model amidst significant time pressure and juggling many demands, so coming up with ‘technologically stellar’ lessons day in day out may be a bit unrealistic.

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    1. I think focusing on particular units of work and how to incorporate technology into these can seem daunting, but works pretty well. I managed to do it reasonably well during my first teaching prac despite there being pretty low technology use at the school. For example, for evolution I had students run computer simulation experiments and I found some other good resources on Scootle that fitted in really well with some of my classes. I tried to book a computer room whenever I could, as not many students had laptops. I also tried to have the students use their phones for research tasks to utlilise them for the power of good, rather than just as a distraction.


    2. Hi Boaz, I didn’t even think about having to organise and plan it each day… I guess trying to get students to find some of the resources themselves may help. I found it took long enough to get all 14 resources without having to teach in between…


  2. Hi Jonodav, after learning how to teach with online content and then having to teach without it would of been a shock! For evolution a simulation would be awesome, I remember playing a game years ago which had little dot shaped life which you could evolve so I’ll have to see what they’ve come up with now instead.
    To try and teach without technology however is currently boggling my mind lol. Printed workbooks and white boards?


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