ESC407 Week 6 Cyberbulling Pt 2 of 2

As an individual that was heavily bullied in primary school which then rolled on into high school my stance on bulling is that it’s not on! I would encourage any students to seek out my help if they need someone to talk to in the classroom whilst making them aware that in serious cases I’ll let the principal know. Cyberbulling is a rather tricky situation though as teachers can’t always see this happening. In minor cases I would still maybe try and follow the typical, ‘try to ignore it and move on’ but if I can see that it’s intent was to cause harm I’d push for removal of the content or raise the issue with the principal.

I find the government site to be something useful but I would hope that most issues can be resolved in the classroom.

2 thoughts on “ESC407 Week 6 Cyberbulling Pt 2 of 2

  1. Hi Mat, sorry to hear this topic brings difficult memories for you. The eSafety website is very useful resource for students and teachers. You make an important point about being available for students if needed. This is a great way to build trust in the student-teacher relationship. When discussing cyber-bullying I try to make it about awareness and highlight the impact and flow-on effect that bullying can have. The ‘Tagged’ resource from the eSafety website is helpful in this area. In my blog (, I also refer to digital citizenship as I think it ties in cyberbullying and having a digital presence.


  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the comment. I think to an extent I’m glad that Cyber Bullying wasn’t really a big thing back then so it can all be left in the past now. It’s also great to hear about it from someone in the PDHPE space as to how it gets taught, the more we keep learning in this course the more I realise that all teachers have to work as a team to combat these common issues.


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